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Why is the autoresponder the Ultimate Marketing Tool?

It works for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week! It does it's job relentlessly. It gives out your information upon request anywhere in the world and collects information for you. It doesn't eat, sleep, doesn't have to hit a time clock nor do you have to pay it benefits. Yet it keeps your store open around the clock! It's the model employee!

It will do its job while you sleep, eat, vacation or cut your grass! Your message will keep on going out!

When someone subscribes to your autoresponder, they automatically receive your material. In most cases it is received by them in minutes sometimes in seconds! It doesn't matter where you were at the time! They received it just like if you had been in front of your computer sending it to them. And with autoresponders you will receive a simultaneous email message showing you who inquired.

In addition, our autoresponders will allow you to automatically send up to 52 messages, an initial message and fifty-one (51) follow-up messages! Any where you read about marketing online, you are sure to see that it can take more than 6 or 7 follow-ups to get that sale or sign-up. Imagine the time that you can save and the increased profits you'll make by having all your follow-ups on automatic pilot with one of our autoresponders!

Who can use them?

Actually anyone that does any type of activity on the Net. You will find that most if not all of successful businesses online use autoresponders.

Are autoresponders used only for Internet marketing?

Marketers are probably one of the primary users of autoresponders and they are just about indispensable for Internet marketing, but they can be utilized for many other things....

- Product catalogs can be sent out upon request or on schedule
- Publishers can send out sample copies upon request
- Writers can make their articles available by email
- Training course modules can be scheduled over a period of time
- Automatic order confirmations and follow-ups can be sent
- Price Lists can be requested and sent automatically ...for any business
- Restaurants can provide their customers with a menu or "today's specials"
- Coupons can be sent for local area businesses ...two-for-one specials, etc.
- Real Estate Agents can send their listings to interested prospects
- Applications for just about anything can be requested and returned
- Order Forms can be sent to provide an easy way for people to order products
- Teachers can provide class notes and assignments
- Provide Answers to frequently-asked-questions
- Technical Support ...provide technical information or manuals for products.
- Video Stores - New videos announcements for rental availability
- Book Stores can send Best-Seller lists to their regular customers
- School Lunch Menus for kids
- Theaters can provide show times and event schedules
- Human Resource Departments can list current job availability and descriptions
- Clubs and associations can send member applications upon request
- Use to advise people that you are on vacation and when you will return
And many more ...the list is endless!
These are just a few of the many hundreds of ways businesses and individuals are using autoresponders as a valuable and helpful tool.

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