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automatically and follow up for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Here are some of the features available with Autoresponders......

Easy-To-Use web based Client Menu - Autoresponders can be set-up, accessed and modified 24 hours a day

Sends up to 52 automatic email messages.

Handles both plain text and HTML formatted email messages. You decide which format you want to use.

Message system is Ad Free.

Unlimited message size.

Provides customized html form code generation.

Supports ad tracking, a very Powerful Feature!

Can collect demographic data.

Supports scheduling ahead of time. You set the message intervals.

Can email to select groups of your subscribers.

Can email your entire list.

Supports email personalization with the prospects firstname, lastname, date and email address.

Supports automatically inserted "UNSUBSCRIBE" links at the bottom of every outgoing email.

Client can also add subscribers manually.

Automatic email notifications are sent to inform clients that their autoresponder has been triggered including the prospects name, email address ...also the name of the autoresponder.

Clients can set up 20 different demographics questions along with the answers they will accept, then use this information to contact only those prospects by the demographic answers given.

Get up to the minute subscriber statistics.

Complete data base search capablility.

Clients can set up 20 different custom questions for their sign up form and use the answers as custom personalization fields in their messages.

Can collect demographic data.

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